MAXIMUS, a one-hour chamber opera

21 May 2014 - 20:00

“Maximus” is a one-act chamber opera that takes place in 2021 in a fictional metropolis much like Los Angeles. Maximus, the opera’s stubborn, goofy, and intelligent protagonist, receives a parking ticket in error generated by “Universal Parking Corporation”: a private company hired to handle the city’s ticketing needs. Instead of paying the bogus fine, Maximus decides to contest the ticket. He loses everything in his quest for justice: his job, his house, his wife; and in the end his freedom.

Music by Georgi Dimitrov, Libretto by Daniel Kelley, Direction by Julianne Just
Set Designer: Justin Jones; Costume Designer: Kate Fry; Choreographer: Genevieve Gearheart

Conductor: Georgi Dimitrov
Violin: Emily Call; Viola: Madeline Falcone; Cello: Betsy Rettig; Clarinet: Brian Walsh
Soprano: Kelsey Springstead; Baritone: Brandon Becker; Bass: James Hayden;
Supernumerary: Brian Cramer;
Rehearsal Pianist: Basia Bochenek
Producer: Georgi Dimitrov

Maximus Poster